Martin Scorsese to produce Pieces Of A Woman

Martin Scorsese to produce Pieces Of A Woman

Martin Scorsese has joined 'Pieces Of A Woman' as an executive producer.

The legendary filmmaker has boarded the project, which stars Vanessa Kirby and Shia LeBeouf and is the first English-language movie from acclaimed Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo.

The story follows a woman grieving after a home birth goes tragically wrong, thrusting her into an emotional inner journey by trying to come to terms with her loss while also dealing with the ramifications in her relationships with her husband and estranged mother.

Scorsese, 77, said: "It's lucky to see a movie that takes you by surprise. It's a privilege to help it find the wide audience it deserves. 'Pieces Of A Woman' for me was a deep and uniquely moving experience.

"I was emotionally invested in it from the first scene, and the experience only intensified as I watched, spellbound by the filmmaking and the work of a splendid cast that includes my old colleague Ellen Burstyn.

"You feel as if you've been dropped into the vortex of a family crisis and moral conflict with all its nuances, drawn out with care and compassion but without judgement. Kornel Mundruczo has a fluid, immersive style with the camera that makes it hard to look away, and impossible not to care."

Kornel described the 'Taxi Driver' director's involvement on the motion picture as an "utter privilege".

The 45-year-old director commented: "When I was first contacted by Martin Scorsese after he saw 'Pieces Of A Woman', time stopped for a second.

"It is an utter privilege that someone, who has seen and experienced filmmaking inside and out appreciates what you've created.

"One always feels more vulnerable with intimate and 'close to your heart' materials, but Martin Scorsese joining 'Pieces Of A Woman', on top of an already fantastic cast and crew, is a deeply appreciated validation of the risks one takes when going forward to make something truly personal."