Millie Bobby Brown wants to play Amy Winehouse

Millie Bobby Brown wants to play Amy Winehouse

Millie Bobby Brown wants to play Amy Winehouse in a biopic.

The 'Enola Holmes' actress revealed that she is keen to portray the late singer on the big screen, even though she was just seven years old when Amy passed away in 2011 at the age of 27.

In a recent video for Netflix Latinoamérica, Millie was asked which historical figure she'd like to bring to life on the screen, to which she answered: "I wouldn't say she's historical but I would love to say Amy Winehouse.

"I personally think she is like an icon to R&B and blues and basically the whole culture of music. I just love her music and I really was impacted by her whole story - so I would love to play her."

However, the 16-year-old actress' dream to portray the 'Rehab' singer on the big screen could be ended by Amy's father Mitch Winehouse.

Mitch previously revealed that there are plans to release a movie about the 'Back To Black' hitmaker, potentially in 2021, but he would rather an unknown actress get the part of his daughter.

He said: "The movie is gonna be in a year or two. We've gone beyond talks, we're at script stage. The film is going to be a biopic.

"The casting will be - and I get to choose, with recommendations from the producer - a star-maker. We're gonna get an unknown actress, ideally a Jewish girl from North or East London who looks a bit like Amy and talks like Amy."

Mitch wants the movie to offer a more truthful portrayal of the musician than Asif Kapadia's 2015 documentary 'Amy', which he claimed presented him and his daughter in a "misleading" light.

He explained: "We've got a lovely movie, a lovely Broadway show coming, and that's how we'll get our own back, by portraying Amy the way she was."