Mission: Impossible set invaded by thrill-seekers

Mission: Impossible set invaded by thrill-seekers

The 'Mission: Impossible' set has been plagued by trespassers.

The latest movie in the action franchise, 'Mission: Impossible 7', is currently being filmed in Yorkshire but the cast and crew – which includes Tom Cruise – have been disrupted by thrill-seekers trying to climb the vast quarry in which the performers act out the dramatic stunts.

A film insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "The set is so large and open that it has been impossible to close it all off.

"So trespassers have been getting in and attempting to scale the rigs and equipment set up for the stunts."

The source added that police were called out after one incident while Tom, who plays agent Ethan Hunt in the franchise, was forced to intervene when it happened once more.

It said: "It is a health-and-safety nightmare. Police were called to one incident last week and then Tom was forced to take action when it happened again.

"This time two intruders were spotted clambering up the set, leading to security rushing to get them down.

"The set looks exciting and these people think it's funny trying to get pictures of themselves there, but they don't realise how dangerous it is.

"Extra security might have to be drafted in. Along with it being a safety nightmare, Tom and the team don't want any delays to filming."

Cruise is famous for completing his own stunts but his co-star Simon Pegg admits that he can't help but feel a sense of dread when Tom performs the death-defying stunts.

The 51-year-old actor said: "When you watch the movie and you see him do those stunts, and it's nail-biting and there's a real sense of genuine kind of peril because you know that it's him.

"But you know he survived because he was on 'Good Morning America' that morning and he did some press. When we watch him do it, we have no idea if he's going to survive. So he takes a ride off a cliff, and everybody's just waiting for, 'Good canopy, good canopy, anybody?' It's terrifying."