Natalie Portman's Lucy in the Sky gets release date

Natalie Portman's Lucy in the Sky gets release date

Natalie Portman's 'Lucy in the Sky' is set for release in October.

The forthcoming Fox Searchlight movie is set to hit cinemas on October 4, 2020, the same day as fellow Fox picture 'The Woman in the Window' which is preparing to move after Disney inherited both films following their merger with 21st Century Fox.

The movie will see the 38-year-old star portray an astronaut as she returns to Earth following a lengthy mission where she begins an affair with a fellow astronaut, however when her lover begins another affair with a trainee she heads into a downward spiral.

The film is loosely based on astronaut Lisa Nowak's criminal activities around her romantic involvement with co-worker William Oefelein.

'Lucy in the Sky' features a stellar cast which includes Jon Hamm, Dan Stevens, Zazie Beetz, Pearl Amanda Dickson and Ellen Burstyn.

Meanwhile, Natalie recently admitted the backlash surrounding the 'Star Wars' prequel - in which she shot to fame as as Padme Amidala - backlash was "a bummer".

Natalie - who was a teen when the first of the prequel trilogy came out in 1999 - said: "It was hard. It was a bummer because it felt like people were so excited about new ones and then to have people feel disappointed.

"Also to be at an age that I didn't really understand that's kind of the nature of the beast. When something has that much anticipation it can almost only disappoint."

However, the actress noted that some fans have "re-evaluated' their initial reaction to the films, which were scorned for a perceived overuse of CGI and dislike for comedic alien Jar Jar Binks.

She added: "With the perspective of time, it's been re-evaluated by a lot of people who actually really love them now.

"There's a very avid group of people who think they're the best ones now! I don't have enough perspective to weigh in."