Paul Walter Hauser is the 'straight man' in The Naked Gun reboot

Paul Walter Hauser is the 'straight man' in The Naked Gun reboot

Paul Walter Hauser plays the "straight man" in 'The Naked Gun' reboot.

The 37-year-old actor is starring in the crime caper as Captain Ed Hocken and has given an insight into his alter ego's relationship with Liam Neeson's Frank Drebin Jr. – the son of Leslie Nielsen's detective from the original movies.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Paul said: "I play Frank Drebin's partner. He's played by Liam Neeson this time around, and I get to, in some ways, be the straight man to his comedic chaos, and it has been a lot of fun."

The 'Richard Jewell' actor explained that he is a huge fan of director Akiva Schaffer and lived a dream working on one of his projects with co-stars including Neeson and Pamela Anderson.

Paul said: "I'm a massive lifelong fan of Akiva Schaffer, I think 'Popstar' and 'Hot Rod', and 'I Think You Should Leave', just everything he's had his hand in, I think really is comedic brilliance.

"I would've served sandwiches on an Akiva Schaffer set, so to get play opposite Liam Neeson and have scenes with the Danny Huston's, and Kevin Durand's and Pam Anderson's, it's pretty awesome, man. I really look forward to this one."

Paul previously admitted that his acting skills have improved significantly over the course of his career and likened his development to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl's views on his music progression.

He said: "I really liken my acting to how Dave Grohl talks about music; like, you can be classically trained or you can just suck and then get good.

"I don’t think I ever sucked sucked, but I definitely wasn’t where I am now."