Phyllis Logan hopes to make 'many more' Downton Abbey films

Phyllis Logan hopes to make 'many more' Downton Abbey films

Phyllis Logan wants to make "many more" 'Downton Abbey' movies.

The 66-year-old actress will reprise her role as housekeeper Elsie Carson, who is also known as Mrs. Hughes, in the period saga's second big screen outing, 'Downton Abbey: A New Era' but she hopes that won't be the last time she plays the character, though she knows another TV series is unlikely.

She told Prima magazine: "I'd love to do more 'Downton' films. I doubt the TV show will be rebooted any time soon, because it requires a huge amount of writing and Julian [Fellowes, creator] is very busy, he's just done 'The Guilded Age' too.

"Having said that, I do hope there'll be many more films. If there are, I'd be in there like a bullet."

The regular cast members were joined by a number of new faces on the latest movie, and Phyllis thinks introducing new characters helps keep things fresh for everyone and gives all those who have been working on the saga for years a renewed sense of appreciation.

She said: "Hugh Dancy, Dominic West and Nathalie Baye are lovely. I knew Laura Haddock already; she used to live two doors down from me, so it was fabulous to see her again.

"It's nice to have 'new blood', they make us appreciate everything more because we're all so used to each other."

The veteran actress is delighted the film is so "unashamedly feelgood".

She said: "The film is unashamedly feelgood. That's how Julian has described it and I wholeheartedly agree.

"In fact, it's even more full of splendour than the last film - who thought that was possible? Not me, that's for sure!"