Pierce Brosnan teases 'elder' Black Adam character

Pierce Brosnan teases 'elder' Black Adam character

Pierce Brosnan will be an "elder" in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

The 69-year-old star will portray Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate – a member of the superteam the Justice Society of America – in the movie 'Black Adam' and revealed that his character is a wise figure.

Pierce told Total Film magazine: "I am the elder of the group. I'm assured he's one of the oldest characters in the pantheon of comic-book characters. He's an archaeologist."

The former James Bond actor revealed that his character's gold helmet holds the key to his powers, which include teleportation and raising the dead.

Brosnan said: "He has powers to foresee the future, and raise the dead, and teleport, while wearing a gold helmet.

"It's a blessing and a curse. It's almost like a drug addiction in some respects. It takes a lot of energy to wear the helmet."

The star revealed that he had lots of input into his character's costume and was grateful that director Jaume Collet-Serra included him in the process.

Pierce said: "It was a very beautifully designed outfit and helmet, which I'm quite fond of. Jaume Collet-Serra is very inclusive in the collaboration. He was wonderful in the sense that he would send me designs of the helmet, so I could participate in the look of it."

The film will star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as the titular antihero and the star explained that he is partially responsible for the character being given a standalone film away from 'Shazam!'.

He told Vanity Fair magazine: "When the first draft of the movie came to us, it was a combination of 'Black Adam' and 'Shazam': two origin stories in one movie.

"Now that was the goal – so it wasn't a complete surprise. But when I read that, I just knew in my gut, 'We can't make this movie like this. We would be doing Black Adam an incredible disservice.'"