Pixar chief Pete Docter rules out live-action remakes

Pixar chief Pete Docter rules out live-action remakes

Pixar boss Pete Docter has dismissed the prospect of the studio doing live-action remakes of their classic animated films.

A viral campaign has been launched for a live-action version of Pixar's 2007 film 'Ratatouille' but Docter has no intention of making it a reality.

The animator told Time magazine: "No, and this might bite me in the butt for saying it, but it sort of bothers me. I like making movies that are original and unique to themselves. To remake it, it's not very interesting to me personally."

The Pixar chief added that making a live-action film about a cooking rat "would be tough" and explained that the animation genre provides more scope for creativity.

Referring to the studio's 2009 flick 'Up', Docter said: "So much of what we create only works because of the rules of the (animated) world.

"So if you have a human walk into a house that floats, your mind goes, 'Wait a second. Hold on. Houses are super heavy. How are balloons lifting the house?'

"But if you have a cartoon guy and he stands there in the house, you go, 'Okay, I'll buy it.' The worlds that we've built just don't translate very easily."

Pete is an executive producer on Pixar's latest film and has revealed that the success of the picture is imperative to the future of the studio.

He said: "If ('Inside Out 2') doesn't do well at the theatre, I think it just means we're going to have to think even more radically about how we run our business."