Reed Morano explains The Rhythm Section delays

Reed Morano explains The Rhythm Section delays

Reed Morano has suggested people jumped to "the worst conclusion" after delays to 'The Rhythm Section'.

The 42-year-old filmmaker has helmed the action movie, which was set to be released in February 2019 but was delayed twice due to a number of reasons, including a hand injury that star Blake Lively suffered whilst filming, as well as the actress giving birth to her daughter.

Morano told Digital Spy: "I think anyone could see from the outside, we had a gigantic hiatus. So our first release date, we would have had no time to finish the movie, and it's a huge film.

"We would have had no time to do all the things we needed to do.

"Then the second time we had to push the release date, well, Blake was pregnant. She was on maternity leave and people need maternity leave in this industry and in all industries.

"So I think that's something people forget about and they don't realise, to put a movie out and do all the publicity and all of that is a tonne of pressure and work for a star of a movie.

"People are very quick to jump to the worst conclusion."

Morano also discussed the "awful" injury that Blake, who plays the role of assassin Stephanie Patrick in the film, picked up whilst filming an action scene and led to production being paused for six months.

She explained: "At the time, it was just awful. We were trying to avoid it obviously as one always is, and the worst part is just feeling like this really is terrible because someone got hurt, you don't want that.

"And I would say that when it's all said and done obviously if I can go back in time that would prevent that from happening in any way that we could. We took an extra long hiatus on purpose because we really wanted to make sure that Blake was fully healed."