Rian Johnson 'pushing' for Glass Onion to have longer cinema run

Rian Johnson 'pushing' for Glass Onion to have longer cinema run

Rian Johnson is "pushing" for 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' to return to cinemas.

The murder mystery film was given a one-week theatrical run last month before it begins streaming on Netflix on December 23.

Netflix chief Reed Hastings said that the company left "lots" of money on the table but not giving the movie a wide release and Rian hopes that it can be seen by more people.

He told Insider: "Any theatres we can get into at any point, I'm pushing for. I want more people to have the opportunity to be able to watch it."

Rian explained that it is still unclear whether cinemas will screen the film over the Christmas period.

The 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' director said: "Once it's on the service, it will be available to theatres, and we're exploring what form that can take.

"I'll take as much as I can possibly get. But a lot of that has to do with what the theatres are willing to do, what makes sense."

Insiders suggest that 'Glass Onion' earned $13 million at the US box office over the Thanksgiving holiday and Johnson confirmed that the figures were accurate, although he wants more time in the cinema for the third 'Knives Out' flick.

Rian said: "We were very interested in how it did. We wanted it to do incredibly well for a lot of reasons. I guess for me because I really want to show that this can happen and this can be a huge success.

"And that when it hits the service, people will still turn up, and it will be huge on the service. That those two things can complement each other. Because I want more next time. I want more theatres. I want it for longer."