Robert Englund says Freddy Krueger role transformed his life

Robert Englund says Freddy Krueger role transformed his life

Robert Englund admits playing Freddy Krueger made him an international star.

The 71-year-old actor played the iconic character in 1984's 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and Robert has confessed that it's transformed his life and his career.

Robert - who also starred in the 'V' TV mini-series early in his career - explained: "I was lucky. I had the whole of the 70s playing best friends and sidekicks and then towards the end I was everybody's favourite redneck ... I'd already been established in Holly-weird and knew who I was was. When I did Freddy, it just banged me into international actor overnight.

"I'd never had that kind of success before - it was like grabbing the ring on the merry-go-round, you know. I got it - I just hung on."

Robert admitted that new technologies helped to fuel the success of the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' franchise.

And due to the popularity of various spin-offs - including other films and a TV series - Robert now believes he's on his "third generation of fans".

He told 'Inside of You' podcast: "My career came of age during the video revolution. So, I had hit movies in the theatres and then they became hit films again when they came out on video for a whole other audience. But I had that times eight ... and that's not counting the TV series.

"And not only do I have that times eight, but then I have it again with DVD and Blu-ray and cable and marathons on cable. So you get a new generation - I'm on my third generation of fans."