Ryan Reynolds ‘idolised’ Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds ‘idolised’ Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds has “idolised” Will Ferrell for his “entire working life”.

The ‘Deadpool’ star was thrilled to sign up to star in ‘Spirited’ because it meant working with the 55-year-old comedy legend.

He said: “Will Ferrell is somebody that has contributed more to the comedic lexicon of society than almost any other comedic performer.

“He’s somebody I’ve quite literally idolised for my entire working life.

“I love his vulnerability in his work, that’s what makes him so funny and accessible.

“So it was about working with Will and getting to be around him.”

However, Ryan was horrified when he realised what he’d let himself in for in signing up for the festive film.

He admitted: “It was only afterwards when I realised it was a musical that I knew that I was in deep, deep trouble.”

The 46-year-old actor turned to his friend Hugh Jackman for advice but admitted the ‘Greatest Showman’ star was too skilled to be much help.

He said recently: “It comes so naturally to Hugh that in a weird way, his helping was not helping.

“He was like, ‘Just make sure you’re listening to those count-offs and those beats’.

“And I was like, ‘I don’t hear the beats man. Help me out with something real here!”