Ryan Reynolds wants 6 Underground sequel

Ryan Reynolds wants 6 Underground sequel

Ryan Reynolds wants to make a sequel to '6 Underground'.

The 43-year-old actor plays 'One' in Michael Bay's Netflix action thriller and is hopeful that he can reunite with the cast and crew for a follow-up film.

Speaking to Cine Pop, Ryan said: "I think we would all do one because we all love each other. I mean this cast really, genuinely loves each other. So they'd be thrilled to be back."

Ryan's co-star Corey Hawkins, who plays 'Blaine/Seven' also expressed support, saying: "And the movie's fun man, so why not?"

Ryan added: "Yeah, we get to go to fun, crazy, exciting, locales."

'6 Underground' is directed by Michael Bay, who is known for high-octane action films such as the 'Transformers' franchise and Ryan previously admitted that he has always been eager to star in one of Michael's films.

He said: "I remember as a kid being so blown away by 'Bad Boys' and 'The Rock'.

"Those earlier films elevated action to a whole new level, so for me, there was definitely an aspect of scratching a life-long itch, to be part of his crazy circus.

Ryan also explained how '6 Underground' is an "old-school" Michael Bay film.

He commented: "What I can say is this is certainly an old-school Michael Bay spectacle film - it's just action upon action upon more action.

"I was excited to work with Michael on a more of an old-school version of a Michael Bay movie, no giant robots chasing anybody, no Transformers or Decepticons.

"But it's still very f***ing crazy. We joked a lot that no explosions were harmed in the making of this movie. There were a lot of explosions."