Sally Phillips cast in How to Please a Woman

Sally Phillips cast in How to Please a Woman

Sally Phillips is to star in the comedy drama 'How to Please a Woman'.

The 50-year-old actress will lead the cast of the Australian flick written and directed by Renee Webster, which is set to begin production in Perth later this month.

The movie has been pitched as a warm-hearted look at sexuality and vulnerability at all stages of life and features Sally as a woman in her 50s who comes up with the inspired idea of launching an all-male house-cleaning service. However, she is forced to ask herself questions when the business grows beyond her control, Variety reports.

Erik Thomson will star as the male lead with other cast members including Alexander England, Caroline Brazier, Tasma Walton, Roz Hammond, Cameron Haddo and Josh Thomson.

Sally said: "This (is a) more-funny liberation story for women who have been afraid to ask for what they want - at home, at work and in the bedroom.

"It's exciting that intimate female tales like this one are now being developed, financed and brought to the screen."

Tania Chambers and Judi Levine are producing the film for Feisty Dame Productions and Such Much Films respectively. Deanne Weir, Roxanna McMallan, Olivia Humphrey, Adrian and Michela Fini and Pam and Julius Coleman are all involved as executive producers.

Sally has previously starred in three 'Bridget Jones' movies as Shazza, the best friend of Renee Zellweger's titular character, but dismissed the prospect of the franchise being revived after 'Bridget Jones's Baby' was released in 2016.

Asked about the prospect of making another film in the franchise, she previously said: "There won't be another 'Bridget Jones' movie.

"Renee had unfinished business with the character. They are great movies. But she did what she needed to do."