Sam Heughan 'wasn't ready' for James Bond role

Sam Heughan 'wasn't ready' for James Bond role

Sam Heughan believes he "wasn't ready" to play James Bond when he was rejected for the part.

The 'Outlander' actor auditioned for the coveted role of the suave spy ahead of 2006 movie 'Casino Royale', Daniel Craig's first film as 007, but the 42-year-old star still wonders what his life would've been like if he had won the part.

He said: "It was quite an experience. It was a stage in my life where I probably wasn't ready for it, but I wonder what would have happened if I had got it."

Craig has since departed the role, after making his final appearance as the iconic spy in 25th Bond movie 'No Time To Die', and Heughan would love to be considered again.

He said: "Look, every British actor certainly has been talked about for the role. I would love to see a Scottish Bond. Maybe I'm too old now.

"I know that they've been talking about making him younger. I feel like that's where they're gonna go, but who knows what's in their mind."

However, the star believes he may have had his "taste of that world" in 2021 action thriller 'SAS: Red Notice', in which he portrayed SAS operator Tom Buckingham.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "But he's a great character. He's a dark character. 'SAS: Red Notice' that I did was very much my homage to the Bond world. We worked very closely with Andy McNab, who is a highly decorated British Special Forces operator.

"It's all based on him, the character, so in a way, it's a more interesting role than Bond. That was an incredible experience to study him and to learn about his experiences. So, I feel like maybe I've had my taste of that world."

In March 2021, Heughan admitted he would be "delighted" if he was asked to try out for the role again.

He said: "I don't think any actor would ever say no. If I was asked to audition for it, I would be delighted."