Samantha Morton wants studios to support her film projects

Samantha Morton wants studios to support her film projects

Samantha Morton has written a trilogy of films about the care system.

The 45-year-old actress spent nine years in foster care and children’s homes during her younger years - but she's recently been frustrated in her attempts to get two of her film projects off the ground.

Samantha - whose first film was called 'The Unloved' and was released in 2009 - explained: "'Starlings' is about leaving care and being placed in a homeless hostel.

"Then my third film is about the perspective of a parent having a child taken away from them and fighting social services. That’s called 'Pamela' and it’s based on my mother."

Samantha can't understand why film studios have been so reluctant to support the projects.

She told The Independent: "If people read the scripts and didn’t like them I’d say fair dos. But there’s no interest. Film 4 just wants to make comedies and films with Shane Meadows."

The Oscar-nominated actress experienced abuse during her younger years - but she's never had any desire to find "personal revenge".

Samantha - whose film credits also include 'The Messenger', 'Decoding Annie Parker' and 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' - shared: "Without sounding like a twit, I honestly can’t say I’ve ever sought revenge.

"I’ve felt absolute horror and grief and confusion when human beings do awful stuff, either to society or to each other. I’ve never had that kind of desire to have personal revenge."

Despite this, Samantha believes people eventually pay the price for their bad behaviour.

She said: "I’ve always believed that it all comes out in the wash, that you have to be careful what you sow."