Scott Derrickson reveals The Black Phone 'prequel' reference in new horror film

Scott Derrickson reveals The Black Phone 'prequel' reference in new horror film

Scott Derrickson has hidden a nod to 'The Black Phone' in new horror 'V/H/S/85'.

The filmmaker - who adapted Joe Hill's story and turned it into a horror blockbuster last year with Ethan Hawke playing the sinister Grabber - has revealed how his 'Dreamkill' segment in Shudder streaming platform's upcoming anthology acts as a prequel of sorts.

He told "Oh, there's actually a universe crossover in there, which I guess I made it too subtle because nobody's picking it up.

"But James Ransone tells Detective Wayne, when he's behind the glass, he was talking about Gunther. He says, 'He has these dreams that are prophetic.' And he says, 'My sister had the same gift. They drove her crazy, she killed herself.'

"And he said, 'Gunther's cousin Gwen has the same thing too. I f****** hate it.' Well, the sister is Gwen's mom, and Gwen is Gwen from 'The Black Phone.' "

As fans of the film will remember, Gwen Blake - played by Madeleine McGaw - has psychic dreams like her late mother, and foresees a lot of the horror.

Derrickson added: "It's literally the same gift, it's this ability to dream things before they happen, or have these prophetic, futuristic, surreal dreams."

'V/H/S/85' is the sixth instalment in the 'V/H/S' franchise, which started with the first movie 11 years ago.

The synopsis for the Shudder original film reads: "Experience harrowing tales of found footage horror that pull you into the 1980s with V/H/S/85.

"Raw fear awaits you... An ominous mixtape blends never before seen footage with nightmarish newscasts and disturbing home video to create a surreal, analog mashup of the forgotten '80s."

Despite insisting he isn't "closed off" to the idea, Derrickson has previously played down the idea of a sequel and pointed to how 'The Black Phone' is proof audiences will embrace fresh characters and ideas.

He said: "It seems to be the one genre that original movies will then be so successful that you get 'A Quiet Place' that had a hugely successful sequel. That's pretty common.

"The mainstream, big budget franchises that we have are mostly older franchises... all these things that have been around for a very long time are still the big heavyweights in the theatres."