Scott Eastwood recalls practising jujutsu with Guy Ritchie

Scott Eastwood recalls practising jujutsu with Guy Ritchie

Scott Eastwood and Guy Ritchie have practised jujutsu together.

The 35-year-old actor - who worked with the director on his latest movie, 'Wrath of Man' - has revealed he previously trained with the filmmaker at the London academy of mixed martial artist Roger Gracie.

Scott shared: "We trained years ago in London, at Roger Gracie's place - this was when I was shooting 'Fury'. I obviously knew who he was, he had no idea who I was. I was just another guy on the mat he was probably gonna choke out.

"But he's a gentleman and he's a great guy. He's just an all-round good dude."

Scott and Guy, 52, have teamed up once again to make the new action-thriller film.

And the Hollywood star has revealed that the movie is a blend of American and English styles.

He told 'On with Mario Lopez': "We shot it in London and in LA.

"It's interesting because it was supposed to take place in America, whereas most Guy Ritchie movies take place in London or England ... but, it still has that cache, that world that he created. But it's that kind of blend between England and America. It's very interesting in that way."

'Wrath of Man' also features rapper-turned-actor Post Malone.

Scott relished the experience of working with him and predicted "we'll see a lot more of him" in the movie business.

He said: "I want to say I'm a huge fan of his music. Working with him was incredible - he is a total gentleman. He is a stand-up guy.

"I was thoroughly impressed, not only that - he brought it, he brought the heat in the movie. I thought he did incredible. So I think we're gonna see a lot more of him."