Simu Liu is getting waxed for the Barbie movie

Simu Liu is getting waxed for the Barbie movie

Simu Liu has been waxing his body for the new 'Barbie' movie.

The 33-year-old actor appears alongside Margot Robbie in the much-anticipated new film, and Simu admits that getting his body waxed has been a "painful" experience.

He shared: "Waxing has been an education to say the least. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I have such a newfound admiration for the incredibly brave women who go through this on a monthly basis."

The 'Barbie' movie has become a source of much speculation over recent months, and Simu likes that so little is still known about the project and how it's been approached.

He told The Independent: "Honestly, the discourse online is giving me life. With every casting announcement or bit of news, they’re like: ‘What is this?’ And that’s perfect – the less you know about it the better."

Meanwhile, Simu previously revealed he was happy to accept any roles at the start of his career.

The 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' star initially pursued a career in accountancy, before he followed his real ambitions in the movie business.

He said: "I felt like I was making up for lost time. My perception was that everybody was further ahead than me, so if I stood any chance, I had to catch up."

Simu also discovered that opportunities were limited for actors with an Asian background.

He noted that Hollywood wasn't "having those political conversations" at the time.

He said: "In the beginning, if I was a stunt guy who got beaten up by one of the white male characters, I was over the moon.

"Survival mode. Figure out a way to get on sets, figure out a way to work, that was it."