Tom Hanks won't rule out Toy Story 5 but it's not being planned

Tom Hanks won't rule out Toy Story 5 but it's not being planned

Tom Hanks "wouldn't be surprised" if there was a 'Toy Story 5'.

The 62-year-old actor - who voices cowboy doll Woody in the iconic Pixar movie franchise - has admitted while there are no plans for another sequel after the latest installment, he won't rule out the possibility.

He said: "Well, no one is planning on it, but I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere two-and-a-half years from now someone has this kernel of an idea that could become it.

"None of the 'Toy Story' movies are in a schedule, they're not in a pipeline. They don't say, 'on this date, we'll start work on the next 'Toy Story' movie'. They wait until someone comes up with a Toy Story idea that is worthwhile pursuing."

However, Hanks insisted it is a good way to go about working on the animated saga, because it means there is a "very organic" feel to each film.

He added: "But I think it's better that no one is anticipating that; I think there is a strength in saying, 'this is as far as we've been able to go and we don't see anything else coming after that', because otherwise it ends up being some inorganic approach to something that has been very, very organic."

Meanwhile, the star - who first took on the role in the original 1995 movie - recently opened up about 'Toy Story 4', and he described his final scenes as "profound".

He previously said: "I didn't want to have any self-consciousness for what I knew was going to be the ... last few hours I was spending with the movie.

"When it came to pass, I felt as though I was on the other side of the river waving to everybody I had left back in the old country. It was pretty profound."