Tom Holland doesn't know when new Spider-Man shoot

Tom Holland doesn't know when new Spider-Man shoot

Tom Holland is "not too sure" when the next 'Spider-Man' movie will begin shooting.

The 23-year-old actor is to reprise his role as the web-slinging superhero once again in his third standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, and he has also landed the role of Nathan Drake in a cinematic adaptation of the 'Uncharted' video game series.

Both projects have been plunged into uncertainty, though, due to the global coronavirus outbreak which has halted production on most film and TV projects.

Holland does not yet know what Marvel Studios plan to do with his next outing as Peter Parker.

Speaking on US chat show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' via video link, he explained: "I was in Berlin making a film called 'Uncharted' and we were all ready to go, we went to set for day one shooting and then we got shut down and we all got sent home. So whether we shoot that movie first or 'Spider-Man' first I am unclear. But both movies are being made and they're both really strong and the scripts are fantastic, so whatever happens happens, but I'm ready to play both."

Holland insists he is ready to don Spider-Man's famous red-and-blue suit whenever he gets the call to say the team are ready.

He said: "I mean, I've played Spider-Man enough now, I can play him tomorrow, so it's ready to go."

Holland has been using his time in lockdown at home in London finishing a film script he has been writing with his 21-year-old brother Harry.

Revealing that it has now been sent out to several producers, he said: "Harry and I have been working on the script that we've been writing together. So we've done some really good work on that. We've sent that out yesterday to the first bunch of producers, which is actually more nerve-wracking than anything I've done in my career."