Will Ferrell to make an adaptation of The Legend Of Cocaine Island

Will Ferrell to make an adaptation of The Legend Of Cocaine Island

Will Ferrell is set to make an adaptation of the documentary 'The Legend Of Cocaine Island'.

The 52-year-old actor has teamed up with Netflix for the upcoming project, which will be based on the 2018 documentary that tells the story of a small-business owner who learns of a buried stash of cocaine worth $2 million that's hidden in the Caribbean.

The man joins forces with a band of misfits in order to retrieve the buried loot.

Will is also set to produce the movie with Gloria Sanchez Productions' Jessica Elbaum and David Permut, whilst Peter Steinfeld has penned the screenplay, Collider reports.

Despite being one of the world's best-known comedy actors, Will was actually attracted to the idea of working a regular job during his youth.

But, ultimately, his passion for writing led him to pursue a career in the movie business.

The Hollywood star previously shared: "The stereotype you made fun of as a kid was 'the job in the bank'. But to me that always sounded all right. Nine to five and you know where you're going. You get a decent salary and vacations and get to carry a briefcase. I was fine with that idea.

"But then I also realised at a young age that I loved writing. I was doing little comedy bits. I never had the guts to realise I might be a performer. But by the time I graduated college [he studied sports journalism] I knew that thought would eat away at me if I didn't give it a shot."