Satyameva Jayate 2 Trailer

In Theatres Nov 26 2021
Duration 140 mins

In a country where power is synonymous with immunity, corruption runs riot in every segment of society, with the common man enduring these immoral actions. Entangled in this vicious world is Satya - a strong, patriotic, and single-minded man with dreams of a corrupt-free India, and having seen too much injustice from the sidelines, decides to take matters into his own hands. However much he tries to change things as a leader, with help of his fearless wife, he is unable to stop the rampant dishonesty and greed in the country. So, Satya is a leader by day and becomes a vigilante by night punishing the corrupt. A shrewd and courageous police officer, Jay is deputed to catch the vigilante and stop the killings. Satya finally finds his match, and the battle of wits begins. Will Jay be able to conclude this twisted brand of justice? Or will Satya continue to avenge the voiceless? forms the rest of this dramatic action-packed film.