Ana de Armas says women 'wear the pants' in new Bond film

Ana de Armas says women 'wear the pants' in new Bond film

Ana de Armas has teased that Lashana Lynch "wears the pants" in the new James Bond film.

The 'Blade Runner 2049' star is the main Bond girl in 'No Time to Die' and is one of the main female leads alongside the returning Naomie Harris and Lea Seydoux, who play Moneypenny and Madeleine Swann respectively, and 'Captain Marvel' star Lashana who is rumoured to be taking on the 007 agent number as her character Nomi because Daniel Craig's Bond has retired from MI6.

Ana, 31, insists Lashana has a major role in the blockbuster as does she in a more traditional Bond role.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said: "It's pretty obvious that there is an evolution in the fact that Lashana is one of the main characters in the film and wears the pants - literally. I wear the gown. She wears the pants."

The female influence on the latest Bond film isn't limited to the cast, as 'Killing Eve' creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the co-writers.

Phoebe is the first woman to write material for a 007 feature since Johanna Harwood worked on 'Dr. No' and 'From Russia With Love' in the 1960s.

Ana, who will play "bubbly" character Paloma in the film, admitted that she "blushed" when she first saw 'Fleabag' star Phoebe, 34, because she is such a fan of her work.

She recalled: "I saw Phoebe, and I just blushed - I got red like a tomato. I was like, 'Oh my God, can I hug you? I want to be your friend.' "