Andy Serkis directing The Giant's House

Andy Serkis directing The Giant's House

Andy Serkis is to direct 'The Giant's House'.

The 'Lord of the Rings' star will helm an adaptation of Elizabeth McCracken's acclaimed 1996 novel, which has been transformed for the big screen by British writer Nick Hornby.

The story follows Peggy Gort, a young librarian who prefers the company of books to people. When James – a very tall young man – visits her library, the pair embark on a journey that nobody could have predicted.

The romantic film has been in the pipeline for a while but has been given new impetus with Serkis boarding as director. Casting is underway with Lucy Bevan – who has worked on movies including 'The Batman' and 'Belfast' – leading the search for an actor to play James.

Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey will produce the flick for Wildgaze Films alongside Jonathan Cavendish for his and Serkis' production company Imaginarium Productions. Hornby is serving as an executive producer.

Andy is also set to direct an animated take on George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'.

The dystopian fable tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human owner in the hope of creating a society where they can be free and equal.

The 58-year-old actor and filmmaker said: "The challenging journey to bring this extraordinary story to the screen has been finally rewarded by the opportunity to partner with the brilliant team at Aniventure and Cinesite.

"Together we hope to make our version of Orwell's ever-relevant masterpiece, emotionally powerful, humourous, and relatable for all ages. A tale not only for our times, but for generations to come."