Anne Hathaway used to look up to Dame Helen Mirren

Anne Hathaway used to look up to Dame Helen Mirren

Anne Hathaway used to look up to Dame Helen Mirren.

The 39-year-old actress revealed that she admired Academy Award winner Helen when first starting out in the industry because of her versatility across the business.

She said: "When I was coming up as an actress, I always observed that British actors weren’t film actors, and they weren’t TV actors and they weren’t theatre actors, they were actors. Someone like Helen Mirren, and there are no actual adjectives to describe Helen Mirren because she’s just Helen Mirren, she would do limited series, she would do film, and she be on stage."

The 'Locked Down' actress - who herself is known for having starred in a string of Hollywood movies and won an Academy Award for her portrayal of tragic Fantine in 2012 musical drama 'Les Misérables’ - is now starring alongside Jared Leto in Apple TV miniseries 'WeCrashed' and admitted that she finds the idea of switching between mediums to be "the most exciting way to be an actor" and is thrilled that the concept of doing so has made its way to America.

She told Collider: "That always seemed to me to be the most exciting way to be an actor, so I’m just very excited now that that seems to have found its way to America."

Anne recently admitted she left her co-star stunned when she made reference to the character he played in 'House of Gucci', and revealed that her joke left Jared "split into three".

She said: “He called me Rivka and I called him Motek, that was how we got around the name thing - he was like, 'OK Rivka, have a good night' and I was like, 'Motek, Just one more thing,’ and I go [in an Italian accent], ‘Father, Son, House of Gucci,’ because you have to!

“I didn’t know what would happen because he’s so intense in his commitment to his process, but I swear to God he split into three.

"It was like a Horcrux: Over here was Jared, over here was Paolo Gucci, and here was Adam Neumann.

"I don't think he did this, but in my memory, he was like, 'Waaaaaaaaaah'. He came back in and I was like, ‘Oh dear,’ and he was like, ‘Woah, I think I just time-travelled!’”