Asa Butterfield 'loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy'

Asa Butterfield 'loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy'

Asa Butterfield has always "loved" 'The Lord of the Rings' film franchise.

The 25-year-old actor became a fan of the money-spinning film franchise during his childhood, and Asa admits that he still turns to them for a bit of "comfort".

Asked which film he's watched the most, Asa replied: "It's got to be 'The Lord of the Rings'. I can't think of any film I would've seen more than that.

"It's my comfort film, so I watch it every year - the whole trilogy, in fact. I've loved them since I was a kid. Still do.

"Those movies occupy a very special place in my heart. I think they're an incredible feat in film-making. You don't really get movies like that anymore."

Asa has starred in movies since his childhood, but he still feels nervous performing in front of an audience.

The actor - whose film credits include the adventure drama 'Hugo' and the historical drama movie 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' - told Empire magazine: "Weirdly, performing on stage scares me, or being in front of big crowds, which I know is counterproductive being an actor.

"If there's a camera on me, I'm fine."

Asa also admitted to hating horror movies during his younger years.

But over time, Asa has developed a passion for scary films and he now loves to watch them.

The London-born star shared: "I hated horror movies as a kid. They gave me sleepless nights for weeks.

"Just a trailer for a horror movie would send me into a spiral. But I enjoy them now."