Brad Pitt found it 'easy peasy' working with Leonardo DiCaprio

Brad Pitt found it 'easy peasy' working with Leonardo DiCaprio

Brad Pitt admitted he was "really happy" to have Leonardo DiCaprio "help carry the load" in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

The 55-year-old actor stars as stunt double Cliff Booth alongside the 44-year-old star's alter ego Rick Dalton, a washed-up TV actor, in Quentin Tarantino's latest flick, which explores life at the end of the 1960s, particularly around its cinema, and he says it was "easy peasy" to work with another Hollywood heavyweight.

Speaking to Sky News at the film's UK premiere in London's Leicester Square on Tuesday night (30.07.19), Pitt said: "He's a good egg.

"Easy peasy, and I was really happy to have him to help carry the load."

The 'Troy' star also revealed that Tarantino makes it fun in between filming and that usually leads to "pretty good" results.

He spilled: "Quentin [Tarantino] just keeps a really fresh vibe going, just a lot of talk about film, a lot of laughs and telling stories in between takes.

"And then we get pretty good takes."

The movie also stars Margot Robbie as real-life late actress Sharon Tate.

The Hollywood star was eight-and-a-half months pregnant with her and husband Roman Polanski's (Rafał Zawierucha) son when she was murdered by members of the notorious Manson Family cult, led by Charles Manson, in August 1969. Four other people were also killed in the horrific attacks.

And the 29-year-old Australian star revealed the director was very specific about her playing a "very affectionate" version of the actress.

She said: "There was a pretty distinct version of Sharon that Quentin wanted to portray, very affectionate version, and that was clear in the script, so I did all my usual prep, and then beyond that you let the director tell you what he wants."

Margot previously admitted she thinks Sharon's involvement in the film "embodies the best parts of the '60s" and she considers Tarantino's story to be a "celebration of her life".

'The Wolf of Wall Street' actress said: "Sharon embodies the best parts of the '60s. This is a celebration of her life. And you get a lot of hang time with her in this film."