Charli D'Amelio to star in Home School

Charli D'Amelio to star in Home School

Charli D'Amelio is to star in the supernatural thriller 'Home School'.

The TikTok sensation has boarded the cast of the movie that will be directed by F. Javier Gutierrez for Ryan Kavanaugh's Proxima Media banner.

The project marks the live-action feature film debut for Charli – who has shot to global fame through her exploits on TikTok, where she became the first user to amass 100 million followers – and is being eyed as the first of an eight-film franchise of thrillers.

D'Amelio will play the role of Mira in the movie, a 17-year-old who moves to a different town to live with her aunt after her mother passes away.

After arriving in what seems like the all-too-perfect town, Mira soon discovers that her mother's death and her own future are very closely connected.

Charli, 17, said: "As soon as I read 'Home School', I knew that it was for me. I connected with the character, Mira, the story, the script, and the team. I knew if I was going to do a movie, it needed to be something fun, edgy and fresh.

"While the role will certainly be challenging and push me to learn act and become Mira, it's a fun ride and meant to be fun to make and fun to watch. I also wanted to make sure I surrounded myself with a great team."

Gutierrez added: "When Ryan and I met while developing 'The Crow' remake with Luke Evans, we knew we wanted to foster a creative partnership further. I'm thrilled for 'Home School' to mark our first official project together.

"With its compelling visuals and a strong psychological element, I think 'Home School' has the potential to be a modern classic. I can't wait to work alongside Charli and the Proxima team."