Charlie Wernham: Frankie Fairbrass nearly broke his ankle filming Break

Charlie Wernham: Frankie Fairbrass nearly broke his ankle filming Break

Charlie Wernham says his 'Break' co-star Frankie Fairbrass almost broke his ankle on set.

The 25-year-old actor plays the role of Wallis in the snooker film and has revealed that Frankie ended up in agony after falling down during a chase scene.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the drive-in premiere of the movie, Charlie recalled: "The funniest thing - although it shouldn't be that funny - was when Frankie nearly broke his ankle in a chase scene, he went down and we all laughed - very Tom Cruise! He was only running down a hill!

"But he made a meal of it, and we got the medics on and all of that. Luckily it was the last shot! He got shipped off to hospital for the day so luckily they got away with it."

The actor also revealed that there were "a lot of laughs" on set, despite it being a "tough" shoot.

Speaking about the project - which tells the story of a gifted snooker player wasting his talents on crime - he shared: "There were a lot of laughs! Me and the boys had a lot of scenes together. It was me, Adam Deacon, Frankie Fairbrass, Sam Gittins ... we had a lot of scenes together.

"So there was a lot of, 'Alright boys, concentrate now', cause we were just laughing and joking - we had such a good laugh.

"But do you know what, it was a really tough shoot, we had a lot to do in a short space of time, and you know, everyone - availability for cast members and crew and that sort of thing ... so we had to work hard - so we didn't have much time to muck about.

"But we found gaps, so it was alright! It was a lot of waiting around, as there is on set, and we filled it with a lot of laughter. To be honest, a lot of the days, we didn't want it to end."