'Child's Play' producer says film has 'intensity'and 'gore'

'Child's Play' producer says film has 'intensity'and 'gore'

'Child's Play' producer Seth Grahame-Smith had "big ambitions" for the film.

The upcoming Orion Pictures revival of franchise - which will see Mark Hamill voice the iconic horror doll Chucky - promises "something different" to the original series and not only does it "really deliver" in the emotional stakes, there's also a lot of "intensity and gore".

Speaking to CinemaBlend, the producer said: "We sort of lean into more of the AI/Kaslan story and hint at a Chucky that is driven by something different than he is in the original series, when he's Charles Lee Ray and he's just a truly psychopathic killer in the body of a doll.

"[Also, there is] the mother/son story, the emotional component of the movie, which I feel like the movie really delivers.

"Then above all that, just the intensity, the gore, the fact that the movie is rated R, that it really does go there when it goes there.

"I think the movie looks big, is much bigger than a lot of movies that are our size - very affordable movie, we are. But we had big ambitions. Those are, I'd say, the primary things we're going for."

The forthcoming film will use the same plot as the original 1988 film - in which Chucky was voiced by Brad Dourif - and star Aubrey Plaza, 34, as Karen Barclay a mother who unwittingly gives her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a toy doll that hides the soul of a serial killer.

In the original film, Andy's mother gives him a talking Buddy doll, however, in the remake Buddy is an "Artificial Intelligence human companion" manufactured by the Kaslan Corp, the world's leading developer of interactive tech products for home and lifestyle.