Chloe Grace Moretz to star in Nimona

Chloe Grace Moretz to star in Nimona

Chloë Grace Moretz is set to star in 'Nimona'.

The 25-year-old star will join forces with Riz Ahmed and Eugene Lee Yang in the animated film.

According to Deadline, the movie was initially scrapped after Blue Sky Studios was shut down, but it is now being made for Netflix.

Nick Bruno and Troy Quane are to co-direct the motion picture, after Patrick Osborne was initially in line to helm the project.

The film is being adapted from ND Stevenson’s New York Times bestselling fantasy graphic novel of the same name.

Stevenson took to Twitter to confirm 'Nimona' has been revived, and revealed it will be released in 2023, writing: "Nimona’s always been a spunky little story that just wouldn’t stop. She’s a fighter…but she’s also got some really awesome people fighting for her. I am excited out of my mind to announce that THE NIMONA MOVIE IS ALIVE…coming at you in 2023 from Annapurna and Netflix (sic)"

Moretz is set to play titular character Nimona, who attempts to help Knight Ballister Boldheart (Ahmed) after he is framed for a crime he didn't commit.

In February, it was revealed Moretz and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are to star in 'White Night'.

The pair are to star as cult leader Jim Jones and Jonestown survivor Deborah Layton in the psychological thriller about Jones' infamous People's Temple cult.

Jones, a charismatic preacher, built a large and devoted following from his base in San Francisco. In 1974 he established 'Jonestown' in Guyana and four years later he commanded his followers to drink poison.

The massacre killed more than 900 people and is one of the largest mass murder-suicides on record.