Christopher Landon casts doubt on Freaky sequel

Christopher Landon casts doubt on Freaky sequel

Christopher Landon has cast doubt on a 'Freaky' sequel.

The 45-year-old filmmaker directed the slasher comedy flick, which stars Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton and focuses on a serial killer who switches bodies with a teenage girl, but feels that a follow-up is unlikely.

Christopher said: "In terms of a sequel to 'Freaky', you know, I don't think it's ever gonna happen, because I honestly don't know if the studio has an appetite for a sequel. I think they're quite comfortable with it being a standalone movie, and to be honest, I am too, because we didn't really have an idea for a sequel."

It has been suggested that there could be a crossover between 'Freaky' and Landon's 'Happy Death Day' series but the director is focusing on making a third movie in the Jessica Rothe-led franchise.

He told "Well look, it's funny, like the crossover thing is certainly a fun idea and I think that people are very into this sort of shared universe concept.

"But I really, first and foremost, had wanted to make a third movie in the 'Happy Death Day' franchise just because I've wrote an idea. I didn't write the whole script, I'm not that crazy. But I had outlined a third movie because I really knew what I wanted it to be and it was sort of the conclusion to it.

"It was a trilogy for me, so it's a bummer that I haven't had the opportunity yet to make that movie and I know Jessica Rothe really wants to do it."

Landon revealed that he had Vince and Kathryn – who he had collaborated with on 'Paranormal Activity 4' – in mind when it came to casting the lead roles in the flick, a twist on the novel 'Freaky Friday'.

He explained: "I had both Kathryn and Vince in mind while we were writing. I was just really lucky that they both ended up doing it, because that rarely happens."