Christopher Landon thinks Happy Death Day 3 chances are 'dimming'

Christopher Landon thinks Happy Death Day 3 chances are 'dimming'

'Happy Death Day' director Christopher Landon thinks the chances of a third movie are "dimming".

The 47-year-old filmmaker has pondered the future of his black comedy slasher film, having released the first in 2017 to great success before its 2019 sequel 'Happy Death Day 2 U' had an underwhelming return at the box office.

Speaking to SlashFilm about the possibility of 'Happy Death Day 3', he said: "I don't know what it would take. There was talk for a minute of it maybe being a Peacock thing. Maybe. Maybe one day.

"The beauty of it is that my idea, the whole idea for the third movie, it is not dependent on any sort of specific window or timeframe.

"So I could make it any time, but I mean, as the years draw past, I feel like our chances are dimming."

Landon admitted there has been "tiny movement" over the past few years, but he has struggled to "motivate" the studio to seriously consider making his project a trilogy.

He explained: "There was a tiny moment where I really felt like I had Universal's attention, but they forgot about me.

"I think it's a really tough one for them, and I'm being really blunt and honest in that the first movie was very successful. It made a lot of money. It was well-received.

"And the sequel was not. The sequel is loved by people who have seen it, but it did not make a lot of money, and it was not a success for them.

"So it's very hard to motivate them to make a third movie when the last one just didn't perform. Those are the hard economics of the business."

The first film saw Jessica Rothe star as college student Tree, who got caught in a time loop in which she repeatedly died at the hands of a masked killer.

In the 2019 sequel, they explored the reason she was caught in the loop.