Dame Judi Dench fearful of being typecast as an old lady

Dame Judi Dench fearful of being typecast as an old lady

Dame Judi Dench fears being typecast as an old woman.

The 86-year-old actress has no plans to end her screen career but would hate to be reduced to playing an "old woman in a home".

Judi said: "Where do I want to be in five years? I would like to be alive. I would also like to be offered a part that is not some old woman in a home somewhere."

The 'James Bond' star quipped: "I would like to be a crocodile that turns into a dragon and has to walk a tightrope."

Judi also joked about her role as Old Deuteronomy in the musical flick 'Cats', which turned out to be a notorious flop.

Speaking at the One Dench Two Williams event with her daughter Finty Williams and grandson Samuel Williams at London's Garrick Theatre, the Oscar-winning star said: "I say yes to everything, including 'Cats'!"

Meanwhile, Judi recently bemoaned the fact that Daniel Craig's Bond films are not as funny as their predecessors.

The legendary actress played 007's boss M, beginning with the 1995 film 'GoldenEye', which featured Pierce Brosnan as the legendary spy.

Judi believes Brosnan's four 007 blockbusters had a fantastic blend of action and humour and were reminiscent of the films starring Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore which came before, whereas Craig's outings in the tuxedo have been more gloomy.

When it was suggested to her that Craig's films are gloomy in an interview on Dame Esther Rantzen's 'That's After Life' podcast, she answered: "The script isn't so funny, I know, I agree."