Daniel Radcliffe says living in London kept him grounded

Daniel Radcliffe says living in London kept him grounded

Daniel Radcliffe thinks living and working in London has helped him to remain grounded.

The 30-year-old actor - who is best known for starring in the 'Harry Potter' movies - has admitted to being relieved he didn't spend his teenage years in Los Angeles.

He explained: "I spend time in LA now and I feel like I'm going insane. I don't know what it would be like to grow up in LA from the age of 10 and continue growing up there."

Daniel thinks it's tough to cope with fame as a teenager because "you haven't figured out who you are yet".

He told BBC Radio 4's 'Desert Island Discs': "I think the other thing that's hard about being famous when you're young is you haven't figured out who you are yet.

"If you are having a perception of your identity reflected back at you, where everyone else expects you to be a certain thing while you're still figuring out what you want to be, that can be really hard for people.

"But again, very fortunately, I knew that I liked being on set enough so that if everything else about it went away, the money and the fame, I would still like being on set, and I would like to still do that in some way."

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Daniel revealed he wants to play David Bowie in a film.

Asked who he would want to play in a music biopic, the actor explained: "That's the thing, if you're talking like dream thing, who would it be fun to play and which songs it would be great to sing, then I suppose it'd be David Bowie.

"But I'm not actually submitting myself to that. I don't think I'd be good, and I certainly think there are people that'd be better."