Dennis Quaid and David Thewlis join Littletown

Dennis Quaid and David Thewlis join Littletown

Dennis Quaid and David Thewlis have joined the cast of 'Littletown'.

The Hollywood stars will appear in the sci-fi movie alongside the likes of Isabelle Fuhrman, Josh Hutcherson and Kiera Allen, while Jonathan Sobol has penned the script and will direct the film.

Sobol told Deadline: "This is a story I am passionate about telling and I’m thrilled and humbled with the cast that has come together to bring it to life.

"With Isabelle Fuhrman in the lead working with an icon like Dennis Quaid and the incomparable David Thewlis, one of my all-time favourite actors, to younger stars like Josh and Keira – I simply couldn’t have asked for a better group of artists to work with."

The move will tell the story of a computer scientist - played by Fuhrman - who reunites with a tech billionaire (Quaid) to work on a potential humanity-altering secret project, which comes at huge risk.

William G. Santor, Nicholas Tabarrok, and and Doug Murray will produce the movie.

Santor says Sobol is the "only filmmaker" who could direct his script.

He said: "When I read Jonathan’s original screenplay, I was so taken by the creative spin that he had taken on the sci-fi genre.

"His script makes the reader think about decisions made by scientists and how they affect the world around us and beyond. He is the only filmmaker that could direct his script into a film that genre fans will love."

Production on the motion picture, which is set in the present day, has got underway in the Cayman Islands.