Encanto to take over It's a Small World ride at DisneyWorld

Encanto to take over It's a Small World ride at DisneyWorld

'Encanto' is take over the 'It's a Small World' ride at Disney World.

Characters from the Academy Award-winning musical animation - which tells the story of a family who live hidden in the magical mountains of Colombia which becomes under attack - will temporarily take over the facade of the water-based boat ride at several Disney theme parks and pay tribute to the movie's hit song 'We Don’t Talk About Bruno.'

In a statement, Senior Communications Manager of Disney Live Entertainment Shawn Slater, said: "Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 'Encanto' recently won the Academy Award for best animated feature at this year’s Oscars, and a new sing-along version of the film is streaming on Disney+! And soon, you can gather with your family and friends this spring at Disney parks to celebrate the joy and wonder of Disney Animation’s newest instant classic, 'Encanto.'

For a limited time beginning April 11, the iconic façade of “It’s a Small World” becomes enchanted several times each evening with a brief visual montage that pays tribute to the movie’s hit song, 'We Don’t Talk About Bruno.' This musical delight comes to life through projection and lighting effects and an artistic style inspired by the lyrics, with select moments that feature characters from the film. "

The classic Disney World ride - which has been in operation for over 50 years and features over 300 audio-animatronic dolls in traditional costumes from cultures around the world - is known for iconic title song and the Disney boss went on to explain that the mechanics of the 'Encanto' version of the ride will reflect the smash hit film.

He added: "Like the Madrigal family’s Casita, tiles across the “it’s a small world” façade flip, turn, and rearrange themselves as one scene transitions to the next, culminating in a celebratory chorus and a nod to Bruno’s mysterious prophecy about Mirabel."