Felicity Jones impressed by powerful Midnight Sky script

Felicity Jones impressed by powerful Midnight Sky script

Felicity Jones signed up for 'The Midnight Sky' because she loved the relationship between her and George Clooney's characters.

In the movie, Felicity, 37, plays astronaut Sully, who learns on a return trip to Earth that humanity has been wiped out and whose only contact is dying scientist Augustine (Clooney) and Felicity was particularly moved by the final scene between the pair.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "George had already shot his part, so I was able to watch that, which was really helpful to then inform what I was doing on my side. It's what I loved about the script when I read it. It's what made me want to do it, was that central relationship, that need for the two of them to find each other.

"It was one that I thought about a lot, meditated on a lot, in preparation. Luckily I was shooting it toward the end of our schedule so I really felt like I had Sully and knew who she was and could give it everything I have.

"It was there at the very beginning that it would be a meditation not only on Augustine's relationship with Sully, but also Sully's relationship with her child. That's why blood is such a feature of the film. You see the blood going through the tubes at the beginning when Augustine is doing the chemotherapy. It is a sort of understanding of those relationships, of what in the end has meaning for us."

George, 59, wrote Felicity's pregnancy into the script and she feels like it was "meant to be".

She said: "It feels like it was always meant to be that Sully would be pregnant in it."