Glen Powell had Richard Linklater fooled with wacky Hit Man alter egos

Glen Powell had Richard Linklater fooled with wacky Hit Man alter egos

Glen Powell fooled Richard Linklater with his crazy 'Hit Man' personas.

The 35-year-old actor stars in the movie as Gary Johnson – an undercover police officer who adopts various alter egos as a fake assassin – and he delved so deeply into some of the characters that he got the director confused.

Speaking at a screening of the Netflix movie in New York City on Wednesday (17.04.24), Glen said: "My favourite part was, I was on set one day, when I was playing Tanner, the redneck guy with the missing back teeth, such a fun character.

"I was talking to Rick, and Rick literally interrupted the conversation, and he goes, 'Where's Glen?' and I go, 'I'm Glen! I'm Glen, man, let's do this.'

"I would come out in character. I'm not like a Method guy, but on those days – I promise, I don't take myself that seriously – I would come out, out of the van, and I would be full-on until we ended the scene in that character."

Glen explained that he created many of the personas himself and that Linklater only saw them for the first time on set.

The 'Top Gun: Maverick' star said: "In this movie, all the characters that I play, Rick didn't get to see those until I performed them on set. That's a lot of trust! I knew he was nervous about it, we just didn't have time.

"He was like, 'We should look at those characters beforehand, but (also), 'We gotta handle this re-write first, we gotta do this, we gotta handle casting, we gotta get this location, you gotta go meet the mayor, whatever it is, to get the locations.'

"All of a sudden, we got to game day, and Rick's like, 'You got it?' and I was like, 'Yeah, I think I got it, we'll see!'"