Henry Golding shares reason for delay on Crazy Rich Asians sequel

Henry Golding shares reason for delay on Crazy Rich Asians sequel

Henry Golding says the 'Crazy Rich Asians' sequel is taking longer to write than expected.

The 33-year-old actor played the role of Nick Young in the popular rom-com and two follow-up movies are currently in development, but there is no shooting schedule yet because director Jon M. Chu is "trying to crack the script" with the screenwriters.

The 2018 movie and the sequels are based on the novels written by Kevin Kwan.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Henry said: "They've got the two books that Kevin Kwan wrote still to come and they're trying to find an angle to convert those from page to script to film."

Golding adds that the process of transferring the film from page to screen is difficult, especially after the critical acclaim earned by the first flick.

He explained: "It's a very complicated process because, visually, sometimes a novel doesn't make as much sense as it would on the screen in a direct adaptation. So you have to really change it up to make it interesting.

"The other issue is that we've got the first one to compete with, everybody has a very high expectation. It's not going to be as easy as the first one. It's still a work in progress, for sure."

Since appearing in 'Crazy Rich Asians', Golding has gone on to star in action comedies such as 'A Simple Favour' and 'The Gentlemen' and revealed that he is keen to be seen as more than a "Prince Charming".

Golding said: "We've tried to cover the gambit, and to really find my groove - and also not to be kind of pigeonholed. That's the concern when you're in a big, breakout rom-com. Are you going to be that guy, Prince Charming, for the entire time?

"So I think I identified pretty early on that I wanted to create a block of work with a range. And I think that helped with the choices for sure."