Idris Elba wants to make more films in Africa

Idris Elba wants to make more films in Africa

Idris Elba wants to develop the film industry in Africa.

The 49-year-old actor stars in the new movie 'Beast', which has been shot in South Africa, and revealed that he wants to pave the way for more major films to be made on the continent.

Idris, whose mother and father hail from Ghana and Sierra Leone respectively, told the i newspaper: "I'm really keen on the development of Africa. My parents come from Africa and more than anywhere in the world, I feel like that continent deserves some real tender care and love and thought.

"Young Africans view me as a leader or a beacon. And I feel like I could bring something. So I'm keen to bring what I've learned in media and amplify it in Africa."

The 'Luther' star continued: "I'm a fan of the Nigerian (film) industry. I'm a fan of the South African industry. Ghana has a very small industry. And I'm a fan of the content creators in Africa, especially West Africa.

"These kids that have these smartphones are making incredible content. And I feel like it's overlooked. So I'm really a fan of trying to harness that and help that grow."

'Beast' was filmed across South Africa and Idris explained that the setting was a vital part of the story, which sees Idris' character Dr. Nate Samuels and his daughters hunted by a lion.

He explained: "The environment is definitely a big character in the film – it's part of why they're isolated, how they get isolated. So it was really important that we went (there). Apart from the lion, everything was shot in those real locations."