Invisible Man 2 interests me, says Elisabeth Moss

Invisible Man 2 interests me, says Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss will star in an 'Invisible Man' sequel if fans want it.

The 37-year-old actress played the role of Cecilia Kass in the horror flick, a woman who believes she is being stalked by her abusive husband even though he supposedly committed suicide, and admits she wants to star in a follow-up, as long as audiences are interested.

Elisabeth told horror site Bloody Disgusting: "Look, if people want it that's kind of a big part of what we need in order to do it. So put the word out there that you want it and then I'll help!"

The 'Top of the Lake' star also stars as horror novelist Shirley Jackson in new biopic 'Shirley' and featured in Jordan Peele's 'Us' and Elisabeth revealed that she could see connections between all three horror movies.

She recalled: "It's funny because I was actually making 'Us' at the same time as I was making this movie ('Shirley').

"So that was kind of an interesting experience because I felt like I was going between somebody that inspired the kind of work that Stephen King and Jordan Peele and so many others have done since then.

"I see a similarity I suppose in the darkness next to it, the humour, if that makes any sense. I see a similarity in a woman who, with Shirley she's really wrapped up in her demons and her imagination, and obviously with 'The Invisible Man' she is as well, except its real!

"So you can almost see a version where I would have almost liked to have seen Shirley Jackson's version of 'The Invisible Man'. Like, you know, I think (director) Leigh (Whannell) captured it very, very well, I think there's a similarity in tone to her work and the work of 'Invisible Man' and also Jordan Peele's work.

"I don't know if that makes any sense or if I'm crazy to see that, but I do."