Isla Fisher added to Strays cast

Isla Fisher added to Strays cast

Isla Fisher has joined the cast of 'Strays'.

The 46-year-old actress has joined Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx and Randall Park in the live-action/CGI hybrid that is being directed by Josh Greenbaum.

Will Forte plays a rare live-action human in the project, which is intended to venture into adult comedy territory.

Dan Perrault has penned the script for the movie, which follows an abandoned dog who teams up with other strays in order to get revenge on his former owner. Ferrell voices the abandoned pooch, while Foxx is one of the dogs who befriends him. Forte plays the nasty owner.

Details about Fisher's character are being kept quiet at the moment, but Universal have set a June 2023 release date for the project.

Greenbaum is producing alongside Picturestart CEO Erik Feig and Louis Leterrier. Phil Lord and Chris Miller will also serve as producers for their Lord Miller banner.

Isla previously expressed disappointment that she does not receive more acclaim for her acting and suggested that people are more interested in her husband Sacha Baron Cohen or her celebrity lifestyle.

The 'Great Gatsby' star said: "Usually it tends to be (questions) about when I last saw an infinity pool, or details about my husband.

"Without sounding like a luvvie and getting all 'thespian', I did go to clown school. I studied with Jacques Lecoq, who's a phenomenal clown teacher. He taught me to think about (my characters) walk and talk – it's like putting on a costume, and doing that then informs all the internal work. You prepare and you prepare, and you try to be as meticulous as you can."