Jake Gyllenhaal was 'trapped' on The Guilty

Jake Gyllenhaal was 'trapped' on The Guilty

Jake Gyllenhaal felt "trapped" while filming 'The Guilty'.

The 40-year-old star features in Antoine Fuqua's crime thriller but was forced to sit in a chair throughout the project, which was shot in just 11 days.

Jake, who plays the role of 911 call operator Joe Bayler in the movie, told TheWrap: "It was 20 pages a day shooting 20-30 minute takes. And I thrive in that space, but I was trapped in a chair. Antoine trapped me in a chair.

"Every time I wanted to move, I'm a very physical person, a very full-bodied actor, and to only be a chair and having to express ended up doing a number on me as we got farther and farther into the story.

"Stillness is one thing, but then being trapped is another thing, and it brought out a lot of feelings in me and reveals a lot about this character too."

Jake had to hear lines delivered by other cast members over Zoom and explained how the cast had to get their timing right to make sure they didn't talk over each other.

The 'Zodiac' star said: "Let's say you're on a huge Zoom in front of a lot of people you can't see. There are three cameras shooting you, and over the course of 11 days, the cameras that are shooting you start getting closer and closer and closer to your face.

"All the actors were on Zoom and the rhythm started to get set for us, and over a number of days we had to start our line even before the other one finished it, knowing that we were not going to hear the end of the line, but knowing that it would be recorded as if we were going to be interrupted... It was like you were in a partial gravity room trying to keep your feet on the ground."