Jake Gyllenhaal's recording room

Jake Gyllenhaal's recording room

Jake Gyllenhaal recorded his animated role in 'Spirit Untamed' "under a blanket".

The Hollywood actor had to record a lot of his role at home owing to the coronavirus pandemic and spent most of it under a blanket and kneeling between pillows to achieve good audio.

He said: "I played the entire role on my knees, in basically a prayer position by a bed, with two pillows over both sides of my head and a very heavy blanket over them. We had a camera that had to shoot us doing the action so the animators could mimic our facial expressions, so I had a difficult time holding that screen up and talking to it at the same time and it was so, so hot."

His co-star Julianne Moore also had to make changes to her home to record the voiceover.

She added: "When New York got locked down, we went out to our little vacation home, which is just about 1,000 square feet. So, I had to find any tiny corner and I was in our laundry room with a bunch of towels stuffed in the cracks of the door, trying to keep my daughter out and my husband and our dogs, so it was definitely challenging to try to find a little spot to do it that would sound OK."

However, she admits it was "weird" not being with others whilst recording.

She said: "The feeling of not being physically present with everybody was weird. Because even in animation, you’re usually in a recording studio. But I thought, well, I’ve spent my life by myself saying my lines aloud and feeling like that’s part of the process. So it was weird the way it was structured, where you would lay down one recording and then they come back and they say, ‘We’ve cut this part of the scene, we’ve replaced it with this, we can use this dialogue here’, so you have to piece it back together."