Jillian Bell wants actresses to play 'real human beings'

Jillian Bell wants actresses to play 'real human beings'

Jillian Bell thinks it's important to play female characters as "real human beings".

The 35-year-old comedy star - who plays the lead role in 'Brittany Runs a Marathon' - thinks the movie industry has made a mistake in seeking to create so many "likeable" female characters.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I think it's important to play women as real human beings.

"A lot of times the word 'likeable' comes up, especially as a writer. They want to make sure that all the women are very likeable and I think that's unfair because we've had a lot of male characters who are incredibly unlikable that we root for.

"I'm hoping women start to do that more: play characters who are flawed and make mistakes."

Jillian lost a significant amount of weight for her role in 'Brittany Runs a Marathon'.

And the actress has admitted to struggling with her own body image.

She said: "There's only so much you can shake off the character. You have to figure out what your own story is. And [after making the film] I feel I'm in a much better place. It's still rocky at times, but I try to be as kind to myself as I can.

"What would it be like if I really enjoyed the things I was doing and focused less on how I looked?

"To look at all the seeds that have been planted in my brain from a very young age of what women should look like, and re-examine those thoughts and see if they're feeding me or not? And most of them were not feeding me."