Joe Russo already thinking about sequels to The Gray Man

Joe Russo already thinking about sequels to The Gray Man

Joe Russo is already thinking about making a sequel to 'The Gray Man'.

The 50-year-old director and his brother Anthony have helmed the big-budget Netflix spy movie – which features a starry cast that includes Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Rege-Jean Page – and has a "voracious" appetite to create a series to rival James Bond.

Joe is quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper as saying: "We're already thinking through where it goes from here. We like to build out worlds.

"The focus is to make 'Gray Man 2'. Our appetite is voracious and the intention is always to do more than we can."

The movie is set to be released next week and features Evans as the psychopathic Lloyd Hansen as he plays a cat and mouse game with the CIA mercenary Sierra Six (Gosling).

Rege, who stars as CIA boss Denny Carmichael, says that the flick has everything that audiences could possibly want.

The 'Bridgerton' actor said: "It's a global travel adventure, but with spies, explosions, guns, falling out of airplanes... there's nothing that isn't in this movie."

Ryan agreed with his co-star's assessment and suggested that the project is the kind of film that inspired him to get into acting.

He said: "I'm really excited for audiences to see this film because, personally, it's the kind of film that I would have loved, growing up. It's the kind of film that made me want to make movies."

Evans has worked with the Russo brothers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and says being on the set of 'The Gray Man' didn't feel like a job.

The 41-year-old actor said: "I love the Russos! They set the tone and they really know how to put a good team together. It's tough to call it a job... that's how good it felt."