John Boyega compares his real-life self to Finn

John Boyega compares his real-life self to Finn

John Boyega thinks his 'Star Wars' character is more consistently nice than his real-life self.

The 27-year-old actor plays Finn in the sci-fi franchise and John admits he's envious of some of the character's personality traits.

Speaking to Collider, he explained: "I like loyalty.

"Loyalty is something that I find very, very important, in my personal life. It's just super-important to be loyal, and to understand the way in which people want to be loved and communicated with.

"It's proactive love, and that's something that Finn does, on a day-to-day basis.

"Throughout the film, a lot of the time, Rey is going off on this really hard journey, as a character blessed with so much power, and Finn tries to support her, in that journey, which is sometimes hard.

"In my real life, if I've tried to get in contact with you three or four times, and you're going off, then I'm gonna leave you alone, but Finn is gonna come for you and try to make it work, regardless.

"I'm not built like that. In general, I think I'm a nice guy, but that consistency of niceness from Finn has given me questions, in my head, over the years."

Meanwhile, John also admitted he's thrilled that he's been able to share his 'Star Wars' experience with Daisy Ridley, who's also starred in the sequel trilogy.

He said: "I'm not the only one in it, so it's cool to be able to share the load.

"I've been on this journey with Daisy, more than anyone else, just in terms of circumstance and understanding of culture. There's 100 percent understanding of our background and where we're from.

"While we were auditioning, I had more money than Daisy. She had 17 pound 55 in her account, so she was definitely going over the transaction limit. We were just able to relate on that level."