Jurnee Smollett-Bell wants Black Canary spin-off film

Jurnee Smollett-Bell wants Black Canary spin-off film

Jurnee Smollett-Bell feels that a Black Canary spin-off would be "incredible".

The 33-year-old actress - who plays the heroine in upcoming blockbuster 'Birds of Prey' - admitted she could definitely be tempted by a stand-alone film focusing on her DC Comics character.

Asked by Digital Spy if she'd like to be in a spin-off, she said: "That would be incredible."

However, Smollett-Bell insisted that she is "living the dream" with a role in 'Birds of Prey', regardless of what happens in the future.

She explained: "Listen, I'm in love with Black Canary, and I'm in love with the DC world. So you know, whatever happens with 'Birds of Prey', it's like I'm living the dream."

Her co-star Margot Robbie - who reprises her 'Suicide Squad' role as Harley Quinn and produced the movie - joked that Black Canary could feature in a "musical" spin-off.

'True Blood' actress Smollett-Bell also suggested that there is a "lot" more to come from Black Canary, as this movie serves as the origin story for the character.

She admitted she did not embrace her character's powers - such as the ability to stun her enemies with a sonic cry and her skills as a street fighter - fully, which she hopes to do in the future.

Jurnee said: "She's a beast, but I had to be really patient and kind of like reel that in because it is an origin story.

"She's not there yet, so it was great to explore this idea of, you know, a woman who's really needing to be emancipated from a state of mind. Because she's really the one in her own way.

"I mean, she's the most powerful person in the room. She's got the Canary Cry and yet she's choosing to hide it. And she's very much the reluctant hero."